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Bees Presentation

Location: Montross Library
Description: Presentation by NECK Members all about Bees. Featured a local beekeeper, beekeeping equipment, the ‘waggle dance’, a short video and snacks of honey!
Start Time: 6:30
Date: 2009-06-23
End Time: 7:30

Overview:  A presentation about bees by members of NECK

Introduction to Bees

Bee Fact Sheet

Short video clip from “Tales from the Hive”

Bee Facts

Beekeeper & Equipment

Waggle Dance Lessons

Bee Bread Tasting

Garner’s Produce – Apples and Honey

Bee Coloring Page



Wyatt Mangum: wmangum@umw.edu


Local newspaper

Flyers – Art of Coffee, Discount Grocery, Library, Garner’s,

Newsletters – Wendy, Extension agency, 4H,

Beekeeper’s Associations

Organic Cherries for Sale!

We’re lucky to have cherry trees native to this area growing in the back yard. Because they’re not cultivated, and we don’t really do anything to them except pick the cherries once a year, these are totally organic cherries! And they’re sweet! Nom, nom, nom…cherries. We picked almost 11 pounds in about an hour yesterday! Well, ok…Dad did most of the picking. We threw cherries at him.


After washing, sorting and drying the cherries, we drove out to our favorite local farm stand, Garner’s Produce, to see if Laura would sell some of our cherries to raise money for our Bee Presentation at the local branch of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library in June. Since Garner’s also keeps bees, we had a bit of an ulterior motive. We wanted to know if Laura would donate some honey or honeycomb and maybe some apples for the night of our presentation for a snack. And maybe give out some coupons to the people attending.

Garner's Produce
Anyway, she agreed to sell our cherries on a 50/50 split. We brought her 5 quarts, which she’s going to sell for $4.00 each. We made a total of $10.00 for NECK today!  She also put our presentation on her calendar, and agreed to send a representative of the farmstand to help and maybe answer questions that night.  We’ll chat with her again next week about the details, and maybe bring her some more cherries to sell.