About NECK

NECK Facts:

  • NECK is based on the Northern Neck of Virginia.
  • In January of 2009, NECK boasted 4 members.
  • NECK was founded in 2008.

NECK stands for Natural Environment Club for Kids and is based in the Northern NECK of Virginia. NECK was founded in 2008 by brother and sister team Alex and Elizabeth Martin to address their growing concerns about the state of our environment. They wanted to be able to DO something about it, and they liked the idea of having a club (and a clubhouse). And snacks.

Presently, Elizabeth holds the titles of Head NECK and Chef and Alex holds the positions of Vice Head Neck and Treasurer.

NECK’s activities include meetings, fundraising, recycling, and public speaking. NECK meetings are held irregularly and spontaneously.

Founders Alex and Elizabeth are unschooled at home in Westmoreland County, VA, where they live with their totally spoiled parents, some cats, and a (kind-of) huge backyard full of wonder and amazement. And a garden. Find out more about this dynamic duo: Alex | Elizabeth

Natural Environment Club for Kids

To contact NECK for a presentation, please email us! Contact@naturalenvironmentclubforkids.com

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