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Bees Presentation

Location: Montross Library
Description: Presentation by NECK Members all about Bees. Featured a local beekeeper, beekeeping equipment, the ‘waggle dance’, a short video and snacks of honey!
Start Time: 6:30
Date: 2009-06-23
End Time: 7:30

Overview:  A presentation about bees by members of NECK

Introduction to Bees

Bee Fact Sheet

Short video clip from “Tales from the Hive”

Bee Facts

Beekeeper & Equipment

Waggle Dance Lessons

Bee Bread Tasting

Garner’s Produce – Apples and Honey

Bee Coloring Page



Wyatt Mangum: wmangum@umw.edu


Local newspaper

Flyers – Art of Coffee, Discount Grocery, Library, Garner’s,

Newsletters – Wendy, Extension agency, 4H,

Beekeeper’s Associations